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Semi Automatic Type Barrel Type Zinc Plating Machine

Semi Automatic Type Barrel Type Zinc Plating Machine 


There was a new Barrel Type Zinc Plating machine  delivered on July 31th,2019. 
Client who come from Egypt ordered this machine.

Before delivery:  
We will assemble all tanks , install lifting crane , and run the machine to test . 

Then we could check all parts well , making sure that the machine could run well when our client receive the machine .

In addition, we will make a Loading List as well . On the one hand , our people could clear all items when they Load . On the other hand , it will be helpful for our clients to check and confirm all parts  when they receive the machine .

If you are interested in electroplating machine .

Please kindly feel free to contact with us . We will do our best to help you. 

Lading List :


You could send your requirements to my email: tongda8(at)tongdags.com
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